Exporting OpenGL application to Linux


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this problem, but, since this is a forum about Linux and OpenGL …

I have a HP machine (running hp-ux 10.20 with a graphic card FXE) with a specific developed sofftware which, according to the manufacturer was developed under OpenGL and can be run with 8 bits PseudoColor or 24 bits TrueColor.

I am trying to export the application to a Red Hat 7.2 Linux machine with a graphic card Matrox G200 (8 Mb RAM).

  1. when using the 24 bits configuration the colors are switched and some information is not shown.

  2. using the 8 bits configuration the application runs properly but the 256 colors are clearly not enough.

The XF86Config-4 for the Matrox card includes the following modules:

I already tried some Server options but without sucess.

Do you think this is a OpenGL related problem?
Is this a graphic card specific problem? I also have tried a ATI Radeon 32 Mb card, but with the same results.

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance

Take NVIDIA card.


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