Exporting Maya model to OpenGl

I need some help and instructions with exporting models from Maya and importing them into OpenGL programs.
Can anyone recomend a tutorial or something else ?

Maya can export 3D objects in many formats… many formats store the same thing with differents representations, some store animation data… it depends on your needs. The simplest one the the obj format which handle only geometry data and even bit material data.

Thanks dletozeun,
Look, I am a total newbie in this thing so I don’t understand a thing.
I am looking for a tutorial because I got an assignment to do a research and write round 20 pages… I was wondering if you could be little more specific :slight_smile:

Well, on the subject of model loading, personally I’d look into the free Autodesk FBX SDK, which’ll let you import/export all sorts of popular formats, including Collada DAE. The SDK also includes tools (with source) to do the conversions for you. (Also look into e.g. Collada-DOM/FCollada for loading your DAEs procedurally, should you go the Collada route).

That’s not 20 pages, but it’s a start :wink: Using Collada in the long run is probably a heck of a lot better than wading through river of proprietary file formats.