Exporting Animated Model from blender to assimp

What is the proper way to export a Rigged and animated model to be used with assimp in a openGL program.

No matter what I do scene->mNumAnimations is always =0 ;
and mesh->mNumbones is also always zero.

What am I Missing?
is it related to a particular blender exportation option?

      static const int assimpFlags = aiProcess_Triangulate | 
      aiProcess_PreTransformVertices | 
	scene = importer.ReadFile(getDiskFile(), assimpFlags);

aiProcess_PreTransformVertices is the problem.
Removing it makes assimp load bones and animations normally

Maybe I’m wrong to say so as a mod here, but your question in this case isn’t about OpenGL… it’s about either Blender or Assimp. I’ve been asked to not be hard on posters, but this seems cut and dry to me.

(I was just reviewing your last post that was flagged as potential spam, but I don’t know why that was.)

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