Exporting 3D models from 3D max to open GL program

I was wondering how to Import 3D models to my Open GL program… I know that its possible to create 3D models using algorithms, but I want to create More Complex models in 3Dmax and then use them in my program… How can I do this ???

By searching the discussion board (link at top right).

Well, at the begining you can try to export files from MAX in .ASE format.
That’s an ASCII format.
To understand that format you can make a cube or somthing like that and export it to ASE format, then look at the resulting file.
Now you have to do an “importer” in your program. A parser or something like that… yes it’s a boring work

You can try another ideas… there are some plug-in exporters from max, which you can customize it to export to your own format…
see: http://www.codercorner.com/Flexporter.htm


Hi, the way I import my models right now is by exporting my 3DMAX model to .3ds format, and then importing and saving it with a nice program called MilkShape (.ms3d format). Why this way? Because NeHe has a lesson on how to import .ms3d models. It’s tutorial 32 if I’m not mistaken. I suppose you know NeHe’s site, if not visit http://nehe.gamedev.net ASAP!

Oh yeah, MilkShape can be found here:

Have fun!

THX Chiron for your Help… I will try Milkshape.

http://p-squared.com/SpaceTime.asp has info on loading 3DS files directly into OpenGL using Visual C++.