Export to OpenGL

Hi everybody;

I am trying to export a scene from 3D max to OpengL in the environment of C++. Using the file format MD2 through Blender did not help to export the whole scene at once but each object apart. can anyone advice me how to export the whole scene with animations from 3D Max immediately to OpenGL?
If I exported the scene from 3D Max to a Collada file or any other file format, can anyone help me in finding a good loader to load the scene saved in Collada file (or any other suitable file format) to OpenGL?
the loader I am using can load objects in MD2 file format. if there is no an alternative to MD2, do you have an idea how to export the whole scene with animation using MD2 files ?
finally, I heard about libraries like GLC_lib or Assimp. any idea whether or not these libraries are useful to export the scene with animation from 3D max to OpenGL? and how?

many thanks for help in advance