Explosions and Particle Systems.

Hi, I want to learn how to do explosions and simple particle systems, nothing too extroadinary, say just how to do an explosions just using GL_POINTS, not very complicated. Does any1 know where i can get a tutorial or an example source?? BTW, preferably code made fer GLUT and not GLAUX.

Is there a lot of tutorials on how to do particles, take care that explosions sometimes aren’t made using particles.
PArticles looks bettere if made with textured tri/quads always facing the “camera” instead of using points.

You can find some tutorials on my site at

check the tutorials page, there are also some links to NeHe tutorials and to Nate Miller billboarding tutorials. Also on Gamasutra you can find one good tutorial by Vanderburg (dunno if it’s correct), another really good one can be found on Fatech site by Antonio Ramires Fernandes but this one is portoguese only (shame).


I realise that points are not the best way to do particle systems and explosions, but they would let me become familiar with the mechanics of a particle system first before i added billboards and things like that…