explosion ?

how to create an explosion with an particle system ?

if I don’t understand it wrong would it be like this:

  1. set up alots of points with life and movement speed and direction
  2. begin explosion: start move the pixels in there direction and lower the speed and life when they moves and change the color so they will fade away.

but then I want to know how do I make the explosion look real becouse an explosion isn’t perfectly round some pixels would move a little bit futher than others, could this be done by a random thing ?

anyone got any good tutorials about this? an easy one becouse I don’t understand the ones I have looked in so far.

“particle system explosion”
“I’m feeling lucky”

Try this one : http://www.gldomain.com/
go to Tutorials and then click “Particle Engine”. It’s nothing really big but it should be enough for what you are doing. The other thing would be to have a brief look at http://nehe.gamedev.cnet/. I think he had a tutorial on gravity in particle systems.