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I have recently started programming in openGL/c++…but for the purpose of user interface i can not find a good beginners guide regarding FlTk…or should i switch to VB or Java…comprehensive reply required.

Wow, you require a comprehensive reply! Don’t you know everybody will just recommend you whatever he/she is using.

In my case that would be Delphi, of course. It’s great for UI design, and comes with a fully featured object-oriented language. I have been using it for opengl stuff for several years now, and I’m still very satisfied with it.

I think the older versions of Delphi are free these days, and they come with great helps and all, there are even help pages for opengl commands, which saves a lot of time as you don’t have to dig out the specs for every little detail you can’t remember. I use version 2.0 myself.

The language kind of like c, but with cleaner syntax (in my opinion, please don’t drown me for this) and the OO stuff added. You can find pretty much Delphi-related stuff on the net too. Try, for example, Tom’s wonderful pages at .


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…comprehensive reply required.


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He said comprehensive… You shouldn’t abbreviate.

Can’t say I know anything about Fltk but google did yield this amazing web site…

Personally I would use the language that you are most comfortable with. I think GL development is best suited to C/C++ but there’s nothing stopping you from using VB/Delphi etc.

VB will cause you a few headaches when getting started (primarily to do with refresh etc.) but there are some good examples using all these languages out there.

What ever language you decide to use, learn that language first - then OpenGL - and post questions in the appropriate forum (for example - beginner GL questions go in the beginner GL forums, C++ go in a C++ forum and fltk question go… somewhere).