I am currently unable to use Open GL current version for Windows XP as it will not install on the Computer because the drivers are no XP certified. When will this problem be corrected and when do you intend to release the next version of Open GL.

I have a High Pentium System with an ATI 7500 card and 40 GB of Computer games which ran well with windows 95, 98, 98SE, some of these games will not run uless you have Open GL installed and I cannot presently do this.

I contacted ATI and they told me that with XP there are proper drivers to utilize Open GL however if I try to install the current version of Open GL it shuts down and XP says odd messages and closes down the installation, incidently I am using the Monster GL Installation for September 2001.

As I have currently bought MorrowWind and intend to buy Indiania Jones and the Pharoah’s Tomb shortly it would be nice to know if the new release of Open GLK will be available by the fall of 2002.

I also play Indiania Jones and the Infernal Machine and encounter ocassional Game lockups because of not using the Open GL, this also occurs in Omikron, Deus Ex,Anachronix and Daikatana.

Hope somone can point me in the right direction to solve this problem.

My system uses a Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz process with a 40X DVD ROM with 512 DDR on board and a 64 MB RAM ATI Card Raedon.

That’s a problem with ATI’s drivers… nothing to do with OpenGL 2.0 specs.

I have some of the same problems, and would like to contact ati myself, how exactly can i go about doing this?