Exit Half Life to 480 x 640 res

Everytime I exit Half Life or minimize it the desktop is 480 x 640 instead of 800 x 600. Any Fix?
Nvidia GeForce 2 Mx 32 mg
Dell PIII 933
384 Ram
19 inch mon

Actually does the same thing on my other comp using VooDoo 3 3000 agp

What res are you playing the game at?
That only happens to me if the game crashes, Set your game res to your desktop res and see the results.

I have found this to be a problem when I had the colors set at 256 instead of 32 or 16 bit.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunatly, mine is set to 16 bit.
Thanks though.

Both the game res and the desktop res are set to 800 x 600 to respond to abel.
This happens to to both my comps. The other is pII 450, voo doo 3000 agp, 196 ram, same software otherwise. Thought it may be game spy (the only other software being run) but it happens without game spy as well.

Still no answer to problem. No one else is having this problem?

Yet again…no reply…

It seems like you have a bug or something ether in the computer or just in the game!! It only happens to me if the game crashes!

I had the problem too… until I had Windows 2000
Like the ALT+Tab problem… in WIN9x you have no sound when returning to the game (have to push esc) and that problem is fixed to with win2k.
So buy another OS

I am having same problem as you. Cannot swith out of 16 colour since I downloaded OpenGL. Did you manage to find a cure?

Originally posted by ShortSchoolBus:
Still no answer to problem. No one else is having this problem?