Executin OpenGL programs

I am having trouble executing openGL based games in other windows based plataforms. What do I have to do in a windows based plataform in order to make it able to run openGL games. If possible tell me step by step so I can make a BATCH file to make it easier for the user.

Define “having trouble”.

When I execute the openGL based program, usually an exe file, an screen opens saying something like… “the aplication doesnt have the propper configuration you have to reinstall it” It doesnt says “The glut.dll library cant be found” thats why I get confused

Download the DLL here and simply copy the file into your %WINDIR%\System32 folder or into the folder where your .EXE resides.

I’m having the same problem, but it’s when somebody runs the program on another pc. Is it possible to solve this problem, without downloading the glut.dll to every pc that is running the program?

Include the glut .dll in the same folder as the exe of your app.

It donsn’t work :frowning: