Examples of <morph>

Where can I find examples of <morph> using more than just POSITIONS? Every single example I find and every single exporter I try does not take normals or binormals/tangents into consideration.

Collada spec says that only whathever is inside <vertices> can be morphed, but no exporter or example has more fields than the POSITIONS input source. So is everything pretty much broken? should I generate normals/binormals/tangets myself on the morph targets?

Sounds like tools you’re looking at are limiting themselves to morphing positions in their import/export cababilities, even if they can support it better internally. I encourage you to report these bugs to the respective vendors.

In developing your own tool, yes you should support as many inputs in the <vertex> element as you plan to morph in your content. You will need other tools to support this as well to be part of your content toolchain.

Most software only stores position deltas, I think that’s the reason why most exporters work the same. It’s common practice to re-compute normals on import or file load, during animation, etc. So there isn’t much value in storing them from my point of view. I can see how it is helpful to have that data in the file, but most people probably wouldn’t consider it essential.

Edit: That said, per http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/xsi … ubar20.htm XSI might export them (but I don’t think that applies to morph targets per se).