Bokkie, you have an NVIDIA card if you are running WindowsXP get the driver here:

For 85/98/ME get your driver here:

I am using a PC at school, pIII 550 voodoo3, the teacher rescently imaged my hard drive and now I get this error.

This is the same image that was loaded before when it used to work.

I have read lots of posts on several forums about this, there are thousands of people that have this problem and tons of morons that think they have the answer.

Personaly I blame this problem on ID software since it IS a quake3 bug. Do you see them creating a fix for it? **** no!

Microsoft is responsable aswell but just for creating such trashy OS’s. Since when has Microsoft fixed any bugs that effect only thousands of people?

This is general openGL failure with multiple causes and solutions. Why does some unregistered user have to fix this problem? The openGL team members should be working on this, but they would rather read our posts and laugh while they abuse the trust of users.

Sorry, did someone just call me a moron? Don’t be obtuse I like to know when I’m being insulted by a schoolboy who can’t operate a PC.

Bokkie asked a specific question so I supplied the appropriate answer.

Quake3 just opens the OpenGL library and binds functions to wrappers. There should be no problem with this, Carmack has implemented similar functions since Quake1.

Voodoo drivers are unique in that there was no ICD initially and a special 3Dfx library which is still true for Voodoo2 class systems. That may be the problem with most of these issues but I think Voodoo3 has a full ICD.

Some new phenomenon is breaking this but my system works and always has, I’ve never seen this bug in person and I have never seen anyone describe accurately how they managed to screw up their system libraries.

There’s a lot of talk about moving OpenGL32.dll around, that makes some sense but it can lead to all sorts of disasters if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

The best approach is to delete your graphics hardware from the hardware profile and completely reinstall it I think, with the right drivers. Oh and make sure you don’t have spare opengl32.dll files lying around in your game directory.

Half the problems probably relate to bad drivers or maybe Windows drivers getting installed on XP for example NVIDIAs brilliantly names DetonatorXP drivers, which actually come in different versions for 98 and XP.

Of course I cannot verify this because I cannot reproduce the problems (which seem to be many and varied), most people look at these reports and scratch their heads.

One possible culprit could be some moderately popular software which is badly behaved and screws around with the OpenGL32.dll causing the function in the quake engine to fail when attempting to open it. This will never be found if all we hear is “I played games a few months ago and it worked, now it doesn’t and I don’t know what I did”.

Heck it could even be some malicious code somewhere.

Maybe someone should write a simple proggy that dlopens opengl32 and does a few wglgetprocaddress calls that folks can download and run.

Tell you what, if you have problems get the sisoft sandra benchmarks and run the graphics tests. That way you’ll have more to report on your problem and it might help track it down.

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Personaly I blame this problem on ID software since it IS a quake3 bug

Actually, from what we’ve seen on this message board, it appears to be an inept user bug.

You haven’t mentioned what OS you’re running. If it’s XP, then you are running an unsupported configuration with your Voodoo3 and XP.

Read the Readme and troubleshooting docs that accompanied your game, they address this specific message.

Well, as came up in another thread, this problem may be due to upgrading 98 to XP and not updating your drivers. When you move to XP you need to THROW AWAY ALL YOUR OLD DRIVERS. Download new ones for the XP operating system, and install these on your system. The XP CDs will have some, but newer graphics cards, and especially OpenGL support on your graphics card is probably not there because of Microsofts D3D vs OpenGL politics. It WILL NOT WORK if you merely reinstall the old 98 drivers. You need to delete them permanently.