Evaluators and Multitexturing

I’m trying to render Bezier patches using the OpenGL Evaluator functions (glMap2f, glEvalCoord2f, …) and doing multitexturing (one lightmap, one “regular” texture) on them using the ARB extensions.

My problem is, i have not found a replacement for the glMultiTexCoord2fARB function which operates similar to the glEvalCoord2f function.

Anyone got an idea how to do this? Would be great if i got it to work that way.

In case there is no such function, i thought about some workarounds:
[ul][li]Write my own tessellation function - seems feasible. (This would also enable some serious simplification by allowing me to precalculate the vertices instead of computing them every frame.)[*]Don’t use the multitexturing extension, [/li]somehow producing the same results, i.e. rendering the patch twice, with blending, something like that.[/ul]

Anyone got any comments on either of those?

nVidias extention for highorder surfaces adresses these problems.

sounds great, thanks a lot