Errors in Visual Studio

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I’m an extreme beginner(OpenGL not C++), and I was just wondering what does the is error mean when I compile.
“LIBCD.lib(wincrt0.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16
Debug/Practice.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals”

I’d appreciate any help in advance…

That error is not related to OpenGL. Without any additional information I can only assume that you are using something like MSVC to compile your application. If that is the case, you have most likely chosen a Win32 project but you are coding for a console project.

Console apps need your traditional main() as an entrypoint but a Win32 app needs a WinMain() entrypoint. Of course, there is more to writing a Win32 app than changing the entrypoint name. This would fall under how to construct Win32 apps but is another topic altogether.

[Edit] Oops… I never looked to close at the title. You are using MSVC. If you were intending to start with a console app, change your project type. If you wanted a Win32 app, you should check the Developers/Coding section on this site as there are Win32 tutorials around.

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Cheers 4 da reply…

I’m using V C++, and i guessed it was the fact that I chose a Win32 app. I’m doing the NeHe tutorials and I’m on chapter 1. The guide said to create a Win32 App, NOT a console. So I just followed through including any header files (windows.h, gl.h, glu.h, glaux.h) and creating the code.

I’m used to console apps but a little bit sketchy on WinApps. Any help will be appreciated.

hehe. You’re too fast Just as I edited my message, you came in with a post.

Just in case you missed it, I decided to post again.

Off the main web page here, you can get docs an just about anything - Win32 tuts as well.

Although I only skimmed it, here is one link to get you going:

Just check out the documention on this site if this does not help you much.

Happy Coding

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