Error when using eglGetDisplay


In my application I am using eglGetDisplay(GetDC(hWnd)); (for windows and eglGetDisplay((EGLNativeDisplayType)x_display); in linux) actually this function is called from esCreateWindow() of esutils (from OpenGL-ES book link) which I am using. The problem I am facing is the window is created (GetDC(hwnd) and x_display are not NULL) but when eglGetDisplay is called in CreateEGLContext() the application come out (both in windows and linux) with access violation error. Why is this happening is it any thing to do with my graphics driver. Someone please help me

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Typically a good way to start working with GLES on a new platforms is to look for some sample applications, then you’re free to make any modifications to something that’s should be functional.

Hi jpilon

The code is a sample application from OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming guide. The EGL library is downloaded from the book website.
If you can show any working example it would be very helpful.