ERROR: texture_read

Did anybody ever encountered this error message in the link log:
ERROR: 0:? : Outof resources for symbol: texture_read
i read the past posts here, if it is out of texture read, the error or warning message is not like this. i use an array uniform in this shader,( also some texture reads) without this array( same number of texture reads), there is no this error mesasage. furthermore when the array dimension is less than 20, there is also no this error message. what’s wrong? can anybody explain me? that would be appreciated.
i am using 3dlabs wildcat realizm 200.

The best thing you can do is write a small application that reproduces this error and send a bugreport to 3DLabs. Some time ago I had an “out of resources” error with a shader that obviously didn’t exceded the resources. It was a driver bug.
If you post your shader here, I can try it (I have a realizm 100 board)

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