im not quite sure what is that… thing :smiley: im trying to create a fog simulation scene and i got error on these variables:

i also note this part:
#ifndef WIN32
#include <GL/glx.h>

im not sure its os x compatible but any1 know how can i make it osx compatible?

im using OS X 10.5.6, XCode 3.1.2

can any1 help me?

thx in advance

OpenGL consists of a bunch of “extension” functionality which has been added to the core API over many years.

Those PFN…PROC things are function pointers. On Windows/Linux, every OpenGL app has to dynamically find every function pointer at launch time (because the OpenGL driver from your vendor may or may not support the function.)

On the Mac, Apple guarantees that all functions supported by the union of all Mac drivers will always be accessible on all hardware. The functions are all statically linked in OpenGL.framework. Note, this is not the same as saying that all functionality is supported on all hardware-- you still need to check GL_VERSION and GL_EXTENSIONS to figure out what you can use.

Any code you have which uses PFN…PROC can basically be deleted in your Mac port. If it links successfully with -framework OpenGL, then the function is there.