error message "has no POSITION source"

Hi all
I’m starting a new game project, and therefore I’m testing a new production pipeline.
First I try to export / import collada Xml files from 3dsMax6. Importing the example file provided with Collada Viewer works without any problem, but when I try view the same file exported by myself from 3dsmax, I get following error message.

C:\home\alex\utils\COLLADA_120\COLLADA\viewer\Debug_GL>cviewer.exe …\example
s est.xml
<mesh> under <geometry id=“MeshFromFace-3-Editable_Poly”> has no POSITION source

main() Scene read

Could you tell me what happends? Did I make something wrong?
What does it mean: “has no POSITION source”
Thanks a lot,


There might be a mismatch between schema versions here. The 1.2 style has a <vertices> element which contains what the spec calls mesh-vertices (and I just think of as the topology of the mesh). Then the <polygons> (or whichever prim) contains an input with “VERTEX” semantic that references the <vertices> for topology info and can also have other semantics as inputs (normals, etc)…

The older (< 1.2) style just had all the sources and no <vertices> - So I guess my suggestion is to check that the import/export schema versions match. And see what version of the viewer you have as well.

There was a problem in the Max exporter that was posted recently.
It was a 1.1 exporter, even thought the message said it was a 1.2 exporter.

This should be fine now. Please grab a new copy of the Max exporter.