Error in the gl.spec?

The function StencilFuncSeparate is defined to have arguments StencilFuncSeparate(enum frontfunc, enum backfunc, int ref, int mask), while the specification clearly states it to be StencilFuncSeparate(enum face, enum func, int ref,
uint mask )
This also affects the glext.h file

I am about to convert it all to xml, really tough job :-/ All the enums were never maintained since 1.2

There are multiple versions of this function:

// 2.0 core
void glStencilFuncSeparate (GLenum face, GLenum func, GLint ref, GLuint mask);

// ATI_separate_stencil
void glStencilFuncSeparateATI(GLenum frontfunc, GLenum backfunc, GLint ref, GLuint mask);

Yes, and the 2.0 function is wrong. Both in gl.spec and in glext.h