error in MaxScript of Collada exporter ?


I get the following error when I run the MaxScript exporter under MAX 7:
‘unknown properties: count undefined’ on row 3529.

Anybody an idea ?

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Ok, the problem has been temporarily fixed by one of our artists. If anyone is interested: it is related to the difference in date formats -> “/” instead of “-”.

If someone from Autodesk could fix this permanently?

NB: I don’t know if the folks from Autodesk tried exporting a Utah Teapot from MAX and imported it again in MAX ? It seems that the exporter (or the importer) forgets some vertices, you get a hole in the lid of the teapot.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the fix. It will be soon integrated in the export script.
Regarding the teapot, I will look into it and see what is happening.

Stay tuned,

Hi Jean-Luc,

If you could also add code like the following to enable the importer/exporter in one of the pulldown menu’s. Our artists like to have it in the file menu:

-[ begin ]------------------------------------------------------------------------
macroScript ImportCollada
buttonText:“Import from Collada”
tooltip:“Import from Collada”
-[ end ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------
CreateDialog ImportCollada width:150 height:200

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Hi, I just tried running the importer script from 5/28/05, and I get this error:

"–Syntax error: at ), expected ]
–In line:
valArray = [(strArray[1] as float),(strArray[2] as float),(strArray[3] as float),(strArray[4] as float)]

I am using Max 5.1


Also, when I run exporter, says:
Maxscript FileIn Exception
–Unknown property: “getinstances” in undefined
my_instance_count = InstanceMgr.getinstances i &instances_of_this – troll for instances, find out how many of this object (1==just this one)

Using Max 5.1


Larpo, max collada exporter requieres at least max6 if i’m not mistaken. So it won’t run with max5.

Hi Larpo,

A couple of lines above the lines you were mentioning there is a comment about the unavailability of this method in Max 5.
TO run it on Max 5, you can comment out the following lines in the exporter:

instances_of_this = #()  -- ...
my_instance_count = InstanceMgr.getinstances i &instances_of_this -- ...
if (my_instance_count > 1) then -- ...
  if (i != instances_of_this[my_instance_count]) then -- ...
     continue -- ...

Consequently, the instanced geometry will be repeated for every occurence in the scene.

Regarding the problem you have with the importer, I suggest you replace it by:

valArray = [(strArray[1] as float),(strArray[2] as float),(strArray[3] as float)] 

Thank you for your feedback,