Error: "Error starting program"

I have recently started experiencing problems with two games. X-Plane - Started to have probems about a month ago. Civ3 - have not been able to start the game since it was installed. Whenever I try to start either game I get the error message:
“Error Starting Program
! A required .DLL file, GLIDE3X.DLL,was not found”

I tried downloading glide3x.dll into my system folder but that just gave me a new error: something like “error with opengl”

I have e-mailed both of the games tech supports with no luck. I’ve also posted on another forum with no luck yet.

My system:
Dell Dimension 8100
Pentium 4/1.5GHz
nVidia GeForce2 Ultra 64MB RAM
Windows ME

I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from nVidia( I also downloaded and ran GLSetup(told me I had newer drivers.

I’ve been trying to resolve this for about 3 weeks now and it is very frustrating.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Glide is for 3dfx card and you should not use it. Some OpenGL games is trying with other options if they can not start with OpenGL. Your system should start with OpenGL.
If your win.ini has line with DVA so remove that line. If nothing else works can you try to reinstall Windows.

I did remove the glide3x.dll.
No DVA line in win.ini.
Is there a way to test if opengl is working?


Run the exe in this archive
It displays information about your OpenGL driver. The vendor name should not be Microsoft and you should also see a list with many extensions.

Downloaded, unzipped and ran the exe file. I got the same erroe message about glide3x.dll.