Error: eglInitialize() failed.

Hi all,
I’m trying to run OpenVG demos on TI OMAP3430 ,
Compilation was successfull . I tried to run OpenVG initialization demo ,

root@vx20000:/mnt# ./OVGInitialization
Error: eglInitialize() failed.

Please help me to resolve this.

Best Regards

You’ll definitely need to post more details if anyones going to have a chance at helping you. For starters:

Which OS is your target running?
What driver are you running?
Which EGL/VG implementation are you using?

Dear jpilon,
I’m trying to run OpenVG initialization demo on
1.“Linux” running on omap3430.
2.Version - How to get the version number?
3.we are using pvrsrvkm module.

Best regards

Dear All,

           Looks like platform was unstable.

Now its initializing we are able to run the sample applications.

Thanks jpilon.

Best Regards

Hi I have same problem on my HTC HD2.

   EGLint iMajorVersion, iMinorVersion;
   eglDisplay = eglGetDisplay(hDC);
   if (eglInitialize(eglDisplay, &iMajorVersion, &iMinorVersion) == EGL_FALSE)

eglDisplay is valid pointer but eglInitialize always returns EGL_FALSE. Do I need to pass some special attributes CreateWindow (so far I’m using default VS 2008 functions)?

I’ve tried example test program from which runs just fine.

The eglInitialize() function is very platform depended, make sure your running with all the correct libraries and your environment is setup correctly. You can try running your applications with DL_DEBUG=1, to see if there’s any fishy.