Error and debug infos from ATI VPU Recovery/driver

Hello, do someone know if you can get some error/debug infos from the OpenGL Driver (or VPU Recovery). I’m using ATI Radeon 9800 with catalyst 4.3.

At the moment I’m searching for a bug where the driver freezes my whole system or sometimes the VPU Recovery can safe the system.
I already check for normal OpenGL errors, but nothing there. I have a suspision where the problem lies and basically want to know if I can get some debug/error messages from the driver. That would probably be a little easier than trying several combination to find out which axactly causes the problem.

Or is there a way to get the generated error infos which the driver want to send if the VPU Recovery safe the system?

It would be best if you could write a small sample application that demonstrates the problem and send it to ATI and they will look into the problem.

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