Erratic behavior under OpenGL

Have a problem with OpenGL display on certain computers. Our application OpenGL works fine with most systems but on certain systems such as a Compaq Evo D510 CMT running Windows 2000 SP 4. Intel Graphics Controller 82845G with 48megs, newer Compaq with similar settings and some Dells running XP. Changing hardware accelleration settings works.

The problem is user has an old Gateway GP7-00 with an ATI Rage 128 GL graphics card with 16 megs and a Compaq Armada Laptop M700 with an ATI Rage P/M Mobility AGP2X graphics controller with 8 megs where no tweaks were necessary. Given that these are older systems he thinks it’s our software but we can’t find any coding problem.

Any help or advice appreciated.

David :frowning:

Your post was a little difficult to understand - not sure which systems had the issues and which ones did not. However, for the systems that do not work, do they have built in graphics support (which don’t have hardware acceleration for OpenGL)? If so, then they will only support OpenGL through software which is only version 1.1 for Windows through the opengl32.dll. Does your application use features for OpenGL greater than version 1.1? Or if the builtin graphics do support OpenGL with hardware acceleration do they have the latest drivers or any drivers installed for them?

It is good programming practice to verify the OpenGL version as well as any extensions that may be used. With each new version of OpenGL some extensions are rolled into the new version and the extension may not show up in the extension string anymore.


I have some problem when I am setting viewport:
It’s move it upper on one laptop or scale by 2 on second laptop (this I was saw), but on 3 desctop PCs it’s work fine.
My code is:
glViewPort(0, 0, width, height);

What can I do?


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