Ermmmm... One More Stupid Q From Me? (help)

ok i went to nvidia and found these drivers (click link to see) ----- and then i went to and found these drivers

Which ones do i get if either… if they’re not the correct drivers could u please give me a link of some description leading me in the right direction?

That was stupid of me i forgot to post the flaming addy for the nvidia driver (hehe) ok here it is now :

I just tested the link and the gainward one doesnt work except in chinese but it’s tje correct one so you’d have to go through the site. Downloads -> the model is Pro TV 600 64mb -> and the product series is GeForce 4… :S sorry abotu that im just not with it lately …

Well i downloaded both, went through the setup that comes with them and when i loaded ToD up after installing the drivers i downloaded it still said 'HL has caused an error in <unknown> i mean have i misinterpreted what was said/done it wrong somehow ?