Environment mapping problem

Hi all,

I’m using GL_SPHERE_MAP and I have some strange results. It looks like working but very blurry and it’s specially weird for faces exactly facing the camera (the whole texture can be seen in few faces). I wonder if it’s not a view or projection matrix problem (I’m using my own ones but everything else is working fine).
Does anyone has encounter such a problem before? Thanks for any idea!

Sounds like a problem with the normal vectors to me… the generated texture coordinates depend on the view point and the face normals - the view vector to a vertex is reflected on the surface normal and the resulting vector is used for texture coord generation. If e.g. the normals of your object all point in the same direction, this can have weird looking results.
Correct me if I’m wrong


I’ve checked this out and normals seem to be ok (lightning is ok). Maybe a screen shot would help. I can email you one if you want.

What kind texture filter do you use? (use linear or mipmap)

I’m using Linear filtering.