Entire object stops rendering at the same time

I am trying to implement a moving camera, I currently have the camera moving backwards and forwards, however when any part of the object moves behind the cameras position, the entire object is no longer renderered. Any ideas why this may be happening?

Hard to say, if you don’t provide any code.

Do you employ some kind of culling?
Do you use shaders?

I’m not using culling. The shaders just set the position and colour

You need to provide some code or a detailed description of what exactly you’re doing.

If you’re using a perspective projection, your view frustum is in front of the eyepoint (down the eye-space -Z axis). Any fragments behind the camera (or more specifically, behind the near/left/right/bottom/top clip planes) will be culled or clipped away.

Could be that you are only rendering front facing polygons in which case you shouldn’t see anything once you are ‘inside’ the object (assuming it is a relatively simple shape). You could test this by rendering both the front and backside of all polys in the scene. You could also try rendering all the polys in wireframe.