I am not going to say i am good or anyone is good, but look at this:

if i would ask,
is a good engine possible to make(like q3a)
i think you all would say like noooo never cause you all think those guys are gods or something(as i read from other topics) but here’s the deal:

They are no gods!
ok they are really good,
but if YOU have the TIME and the STUFF you can be as good! all it needs is your interests and your money

i am not saying that you learn it in a finger snip(5 months) yes it can take 5 years before your engine may run at 60 FPS not KB/S

but if you like 3D Engine programming, you will take the time for it

i am just a starting programmer

but i think it’s about this way.

Don’t yell at me if i am wrong



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I think you mean 60 fps (frames per second) instead of 60kb/s.

Although it may be possible to make a game like Q3 if you are very good with all aspects of games programming; good coder, good artist/musician/sound effect engineer, excelent mathsand physics, and AI skills and you had the time and money to buy expensive resouces (3d studio max) and about 5 five years fulltime to spend on it by the time it is finished (5 years) it would be useless compared to the competition ( quake 5 or something).
The only way to do it in a short time would be to hire several other people. With a team of twelve or so it might be possible in 18 months or so to complete a game. However what you have just done is created a company like ID or whatever and alot of the work wouldn’t be your own. Even then think of how many profesional games never make it becuase the are c**p.

The key to making your own game engine is to do your best and to have fun doing it.


i am almost 16 years old so i may have a futur in the game programming?


yes that was what i mean (fps not KB/s) a bit mistake(i am working with both )


And what if you want to be a prof. in it?
cause those are my headings…
development college,
and after that
audio and visual college

at that time(8 years later perhaps) i control OpenGL and DX (X cause they keep updating ) about that useless cause of the updates,

i don’t know what your plans are, but i was going to do it this way:

  1. Learn all about C++(i don’t know all yet)
  2. Learn How to do the right stuff at OpenGL
  3. Learn more!
  4. Learn about 3D sound stuff!
  5. Learn input(keyboard i.e.)
  6. Learn Internet data transfers
  7. Build your engine.

i wanted to use my engine(in about 7 years) to show it when i finished my college… so i can say to companies (big onces?):

Look this is what i learned,
this is what i am good at…
have you got any interest in me…

not in the engine(maybe??) but more about showing what i can

good idea??


(btw sorry for the miss spells or whatever hehe)

That is a similar plan to what I have. I am also going to start writing books/short stories more so I can have a killer plot in my cool RPG game.I will also learn to create decent music. ( Maybe I could also sell the book, sound track and the movie rights )


Hey tim,

how old are you then? and have you got icq??



you have to remember though, that people are quickly becoming disinterested in more of the stuff we are seeing now, if you want a killer engine, start brainstorming, and think of what noone else has done yet… do a good job implementing it, and all the sudden you have a product that is original, and innovative

Hi Janneke,
I am nearly 18, my ICQ number is 109736617.
I am going to go to Uni in october to start a 4 year joint honours degree in computer science and A.I. at Edinburgh (I am scottish).

It’s impossible to plan something longer than some month in this field…
Can you imagine how 3D will be tomorrow?
While you are learning x, x+deltax will be developed, and on again. Only if you can dedicate all your time you can become, maybe, a ‘guru’ in 3D.
There are a lot of things to know, so that’s why games ecc are developed by a team.
Nobody has a complete knowledge, trying to do all by yourself may be dangerous!
However, learn the basics for your seven points is possible. The difficult thing is to reach in a finite time the state of the art!
So my suggestion are: find someone to build a group of programmers!

yeah well i might do that

but here back in holland there aren’t much people with the same interrests i think