So what exactly is an engine? I guess what I really mean is what does it entail?

heres how i see it.

In truth there are many engines to a game i’ll explain those then i will tell you what the real(i guess) “Game Engine” is.

Some of you may argue that many of these are or are not engines or their grouped wrong or i missed some, thats not the point this is just to give the idea of game composition and what if anything the engine truely is.

there many parts(engines) to a game:

Graphics Engine: Renders graphics,

Input Engine: Handles Game input,

Game Logic And Physics Engine: Usually grouped but they need not be, they handle the Logic(AI, game flow, ect…) and Physics(you know what they are),

Particle Engine: Handles the control of Particles(eg. Snow, Fire, Rain, Fog(sometimes),ect…),

Sound Engine: Handles sound,

Game Inteface Engine: Handles Game Interface ,Menuing, User Interface,


so the “Real Engine” is what brings these all together, and allows them to communicate and interact.

basiclly a “Game Engine” is an interface for all the other engines between one another.

thanx no-one, that’s what i sorta assumed, but I just needed to check. Makes sense, but eventually I will get to the point that i can code such an engine, but for now i will concentrate on the lil’engines.