Engine names containing 'philwill' are me

If you are a driver maintainer considering writing specific code for any engine named like that - please ask me first to see if I can just fix the app. We ship at-least weekly and I want to avoid the scenario where what I’m seeing and what my user’s are seeing are different because we have intentionally-different drivers.

My understanding of engine name is that it’s intended to allow driver authors to work around bad behaviors of engines that have been abandoned and/or to introduce per-engine optimizations.

The app in question is Messenger for desktop platforms. We are evaluating Vulkan for the next generation of real-time video chat rendering; for now we have a DX11 engine and a Metal engine, but I’m attracted to the idea of merging both platforms code into one advanced engine using native Vulkan on Windows and MoltenVK on macOS.

There are some integration difficulties and other reasons this might not happen, but as I have code in the wild that’s using this engine name I thought it was a good time to let you know what that means.


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