Encoding on Iphone / Android


Our project consist in encoding a continuous video stream on an ARM based phone (Iphone or Android) from individual pictures potentially coming from the phone’s camera and sending this video stream over to a remote computer. We are trying to exploit the hardware capabilities of the phone to encode the video in H264 or MPEG4. It is our understand that OpenMax IL/AL/DL might support doing this but we have not yet found 1) documentation on how to do video encoding from single frame using OpenMax and 2) whether OpenMAX is already supported by those platforms. We would be appreciative of some pointers or guidance to get started and could potentially consider employing some help of an expert in that matter

thank you for any help you might be able to provide
I am not sure if I will get notified if a response is posted so if you do not mind please do copy the reply to yohan@simulation3d.biz