enabling hw antialiasing ???

how can i enabel hw antialiasing x2 or x4 or x8 etc is it possibel in opengl applications??

how can i override the drivers setting? because if i put “custom” (else its “application driven” or sumthing) then even if i c ould do it in my proggie it wont work, right? how to surpass it??? but first of all how to enabel hw aa…?

with glEnable(GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB).
You must specify a pixel format descriptor capable of multisampling.

you’ll want to set these flags in your pfd.



do i have to remake the window every time i change this ??? i read that if i remake the window i will have to load every texture and stuff again is it true???

What do you mean with “remake the window” ? If you mean close it then recreate it, then you explicitly loose your rendering context. So, yes you’ll have.