How to create emboss map?

Of what?

Emboss maps are usually generated using convolution filters.
Try a search for emboss + convolution on the net and you’ll surely find what you’re searching for.

No i didn’t found anything, just some “How to use emboss effect of PSP”

I guess that you want to do emboss bumpmapping? then the map you need is just a grayscaled heightmap… ( and if your card hasn’t all the extention needed, eg. texture env SUBTRACT, you need an inverted version of the same map)

No, i just want to generate the emboss-map.


If you want to create them yourself, you have to learn about convolution filters as someone else said (it’s only way I’ve heard about).

edit: I believe ARB_IMAGING has support for this, so you can find what’s it all about in spec (maybe )

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errrmm, forget it, i made it…