Embedded openGL window in an application?

Hi, I’m working on a program, and I want to include an openGL visualization window in it. I’m fairly good with openGL, but all I’ve ever done is just a single glut created window. I was wondering if someone could point me to some good resources on creating applications with embedded openGL graphics.

Eventually the program will be cross platform, so I’m not too worried about widget sets, so any info that can give me some hints would be helpful! Thanks!

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “embedded OpenGL graphics”, but I’ll assume you mean creating (multiple) child windows for OpenGL rendering.

Apart from a good book or two on the subject, OS specific window creation concepts are covered most fully in the accompanying SDK documentation (e.g., the MSDN library for Windows).


Here you’ll find all the details you’ll need for window management. The OpenGL end of this process is simple, and centers primarily on context creation, examples of which abound here (e.g., the OpenGL wiki) and on the web.

Sorry I should have been more specific. I want to have a regular application, but with an embedded openGL canvas in it, like a lot of 3D software like blender and 3DSMax have…

Anyone? Bueller?

It really depends on what you use to build your normal GUI. If you want to make a cross platform application, you should look at QT or GTK. Both have a special widget for OpenGL rendering.

Eventually the program will be cross platform, so I’m not too worried about widget sets
I don’t understand this. Do you mean that prefer have widgets or not to have widgets?

If you need an “normal” cross-plattform application with Menu Bar, windows, buttons, etc, as says Overmind, you can use Qt ot GTK (see gtkglext for more information).

If you only need an aplication that runs OpenGL as his graphical part, at fulscreen, with no need of widget but with a good interface (keyboardo, mouse, jostick,…) access, and cross-plattform too, you can have a look to SDL