embedded audio acceleration with android ndk

Good morning,

Is the first time that I post in this community so, please, forgive me if I miss any etiquette rule or something.

I would like to ask you about the possibility of using the audio hardware acceleration through android’s ndk and OpenSL ES. I’ve been looking into this a bit and got quite confused.

Right now we have a class that creates audio player and recorder but only working with PCM (by using SLDataFormat_PCM), this is how most implementations we’ve found right now are working (like the one included in the ndk) but I don’t really know if this directly gives us access to all the features included by manufacturers in the hardware implementation, like echo cancellation, and, on the other hand, we would also like to encode this audio in different formats by using the embedded hardware acceleration but, from what I’ve found so far, I don’t really know how can I achieve this.

Sorry if I mix things but, as I said, I’m quite confused about this.

Thank you very much in advance for any helpful info that you can provide.


Regarding your specific question on echo cancellation:

Android native audio based on OpenSL ES 1.0.1, in NDK, does not currently expose controls for echo cancellation. The Android team is aware of this feature request for NDK and is tracking it internally, but I can’t make a commitment.

The corresponding SDK feature is available since API level 16; see
http://developer.android.com/intl/fr/re … celer.html

For further questions on Android NDK in general, and Android’s native audio based on OpenSL ES 1.0.1, please visit https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgr … ndroid-ndk