ELSA Gladiac MX and Quake 3

I bought an ELSA Gladiac MX video card for my Win 95 PC, so that I could play Quake III, and it says that OpenGL would not work. Does anyone know how I can get Q3 to work work with my card/computer?? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Mark

You do not write what GPU you have but I guess a GF2 mx?
Q3 should run great so I would try to reinstall the drivers for the card.

Thanks for the reply! What is a GPU? How can I find out?

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I think that GPU=Graphic Proccessor Unit in other words the proccessor on your video card. It should be written in display settings and also on other places. You can do a search on the net for “ELSA Gladiac MX”. I did that and your GPU is a GF2 MX that is very good so the only problem is to install the drivers correct.

Thanks, nvidia_linux!
I have tried to reinstall the drivers, but it still isn’t working. I think the problem is that there are no OpenGL drivers for my card. When I run the GLSetup utility, it tells me “OpenGL does not support your Vidio card.” I haven’t been able to find an OpenGL driver. Maybe I’m overlooking something, though. Any thoughts?

You can get the latest driver directlly from nvidia http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=drivers

The OpenGL drivers is distributed together with the other drivers for your card. If GLSetup did not find them is it probably because the identifier was changed from GeForce2 to something like ELSA Gladiac.

It should have work with the drivers from the CD you got with the card but perhaps was some file corrupted? You have a very good card for OpenGL.