eliminating the cursor

I’d like to know how to eliminate the cursor in the glut window of a console app. I’m using VC++6.0 and glut.

check under the man/glut directory for a list of glut commands


without glut( win32 ):
ShowCursor(FALSE); // Hides Cursor, TRUE shows it again( only in client area)

Look here for a long list of the many ways you can eliminate the cursor:

Thanks to all 3 of you!! My stereo cursor is working fine. The cursor was turned off in the glut window with glutSetCursor, then I put a green cone with a red torus at its base into the stereo scene, instituted a toggle for approaching, receding and maintaining a distance using the middle mouse button and have used MouseFunc and MotionFunc to drive the cursor around and thru objects. Next I have to point the tip of the cone in the direction I’ll be going. If it looks mostly red then it will be going away from the viewer since he’ll be seeing the torus, primarily, but that’s for this afternoon. Again, thanks!