I am wondering how most of you do this:
I have a mesh made up from triangles. The mesh includes an array of vertices, an array of normals and an array of UV-Sets. The problem is: Those arrays don´t have the same size. A Cube for example: 8 Vertices but only 4 Normals (or in my case: 24 Normals) and 24 UV-Coordinates. However, drawElements just lets me pass One Index-Array, so I guess all the arrays need to be the same size and order. This would mean, I would need 24 different vertices save, although I only use 8 different positions.
Is there any way around this?


No, there is no way around this. Well, except for immediate mode, but that doesn’t count.

If two vertices have the same position, but different texture coordinate, normal, and/or something else, you must duplicate that vertex.