EGL Wishlist.

Hi all,

The following is an EGL wish list:

[li] specify that eglGetProcAddress to also be able to return function pointers to those functions considered core. Currently, the spec states that only non-core functions can be queried from eglGetProcAddress. As a point of curiosity, why was the spec made as is where non-core functions need not be exported by eglGetProcAddress?[/li][/:m:3x9hdu4c]
[li] allow for a mechanism to select OpenGL core and/or compatibility profiles in addition to version, i.e. as found in glXCreateContextAttribsARB/wglCreateContextAttribsARB.[/li][/
[li] Mechanism to be able to share GL resources (in particular image data) across process boundaries. The only mechanism possible now is hackish: via native handles to pixmaps with EGL_KHR_image_pixmap. This does not allow for sharing mipmap pyramids, texture arrays or cube map textures or for that matter anything but RGB and RGBA images across process boundaries. [/*:m:3x9hdu4c][/ul][/li]
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