EGL supporting touch input

Hello Everybody

I was looking at latest EGL specification of EGL1.3. From the specification I found that EGL only supports rendering of OpenGL graphics by creating a surface for it.My questions are
1)Does or will EGL support handling of inputs like X11
2)How will EGL handle touch inputs
If I have the TSLIB library which gets its input from the touchscreen driver , can EGL use the data from TSLIB.Do I have a compile option for EGL which tells it that it should be compiled with EGL
3)If not can the appliaction ( OpenGL /Open GLES application ) directly talk to tslib if EGL does not support tslib
4)Can someone please tell me in current embedded systems which make use of OpenGL how are touch events handled from touch drivers?


EGL is purely a graphics integration layer, it does not handle user input. You can use the same input APIs and libraries you would use in an application that doesn’t use EGL.

As xmas mentioned, input APIs native to your platform can be used to handle input.

Alternatively, there is an opensource project called GLUTES which provides the same input functionality as GLUT but it’s targeted at OpenGLES. I believe it can be compiled under linux and it uses x11 to handle native functionality. It can also be compiled under windows/CE using the win32 API for native functionality.

Another alternative would be if your platform had an implementation of OpenKODE, you could use that API.