EGL_BAD_ALLOC with eGLMakeCurrent on antoher window.

Hello, I am new with OpenGL ES, I am using the PowerVR emulation for Win32 1.3 on WIndows Vista with a Nv 8800 GTX.

I have successfully initialized GLES calling:


Then I create another window and its surface the exact same way as the one I used for initializing GL.

But this time if I try to make the new window the current by calling eglMakeCurrent, I get a EGL_BAD_ALLOC error code.

From the documentation, it says:

EGL_BAD_ALLOC may be generated if allocation of ancillary buffers for draw or read were delayed until eglMakeCurrent is called, and there are not enough resources to allocate them.

I tried different window sizes to verify there would be enough memory for creating the surfaces of the second window. I also tried very small window sizes, like 32 * 32, I always get that error message.

Is there something I am unaware of trying to use 2 windows?
As anyone ever succeeded using 2 windows? Or is it that EGL does not support this?

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Are you using the same EGLconfig for both window surfaces? Can you post a minimal example that shows the described behaviour?