edges not smooth


I would like to know why my objects (Quads and POLYGONS) EDGES are not smooth (at all) when my pointview is far from them. When I am close to them they are perfect.
I do not know very well how does it work with the depth buffer, but I think that the problem is there. I am using it for hidden-surface removal.

Thanks for any suggestion.



I’m not sure if your problem is depthbuffer related, but try moving the near clipping plane further away from the screen, the closer the plane is to the screen the less accurate the depthbuffer becomes
You could also move the far clipping plane back toward the screen, but this would have less of an effect, and if you are trying to do something far away you will need to leave it out there.

I forgot this earlier
You could always try
those might help fix things up, but might slow things down

I tried using GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH. But it sometime creates distorted images. May be the Microsoft’s implementation is not smooth.

Yes, I’ve moved the near clipping plane and it works better.
About glEnable(GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH), I’ve tried and it decreases the performance too much.