Easy CVA question

I’m getting my OpenGL engine from using normal interleaved array to CVA (and VAR when I get some hardware). I was looking at the documentation from nVidia and didn’t find any information that directly answered my questions.

  1. Is possible to use interleaved arrays (not necessarily through glInterleavedArrays) with CVA? I’m guessing no since AGP memory is faster when written to sequencially.

  2. What about normal vectors? Do they still get transfered via glNormalPointer ?

Any answers (preferably correct ones) are greatly appreciated.

  1. CVA’s do not use AGP memory, thats VAR. You can definitly use interleaved arrays with CVA’s no problem. As for VAR, I can see no reason why it would not work. If the data is dynamic and it’s being updated each frame, just make sure you use block copy methods for the data, rather than doing verts, then normals, then etc… etc…

  2. Yes. (???)


Thanks, I really need to test some of this stuff on my FireGL card, but it’s only 4Megs and I’m not in the mood to be using 800x600 on a 19" monitor. I’m currently looking upgrade from my TNT2 Ultra to one of the GeForce2 cards and maybe a G3 if the price drops below $300.

As for the glNormalPointer question, I just wanted to find out if CVAs and VARs use all of the array data or ignore anything it isn’t targeted for.