$$ Earn money for doing this for me!!

I HAve A rage ati 2 video card 4mb i know it sucks…but it tells me i need opengl and my bro tells me i need to get drivers for it if anyone know what i need to get—

openGl for a
ATI Rage 2+PCI(ati_m64)
Chip-Mach64: Rage2+

k if u find the drive for me i will really appreciate it and there will be a reward sent to u so post me the link to download the driver and u can earn somE $$$$ thank for ur help guys i appreciate it!!

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Hi, Try to forget your old ATI card and buy something more usefull with your money. If you don’t have an AGP for your card, you can put a better card for OpenGL surelly. Look for a nvidia card, there are good prices for some models now in PCI and AGP. :wink:

Ya i know i was thinking of the same thing today…thanks for ur time man…!!