Dynamically create and access multiple (Buffer)Objects in shader

Hi everyone,
I am creating an OpenGL program which will dynamically create BufferObjects and send them to the fragment shader. Those BufferObjects look like this:

struct Node{
    ... various variables... (uint, int, float)

struct BufferObject{
    .... various variables... (uint, int, float)
    int size_of_data;
    Node data[];

Each object will have a data[] of different size, so I cannot use a fixed size for data[], and I do not know from the start how many BufferObjects I will have (can be up to thousands of objects).

What is the best way to send those Objects to the fragment shader and accessing them all?

I was trying to create a buffer for each object. But I do not know how to access the buffers, i.e. lets say I know that I created 500 Objects and sent each to the shader in a buffer (GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER), how can i access object 456?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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