dynamic lights or lightmaps?

i guess both would be good to have
but i just want to keep it simple for now and i just read doom3 uses dynamic lights so why not

also to add to this question
i was thinking about rendering quake3bsp lights as dynamic lights
obviously not all of them but just experiment with the dynamic 8
i would take a light entity from the bsp which is

“origin” “2 1014 496”
“light” “30”
“_color” “1.000000 0.837321 0.971292”
“classname” “light”

then that i guess leads me further down the bsp to lightvol lump

LightVol 30
Ambient : 18 18 18
Directional : 33 33 33
Dir : 23 69

is this correct?
and if it is how would i plug in the given parameters into rendering this light with opengl

thanx O.O

q3dm17 has 45 lights
i just used keys [ and ] to switch between them all
and also rendered a sphere to see where they are
its pretty cool
each lamp has 3 lights around it
now i just need to direction and intensity and color them per bsp spec and i would be happy for now

The lightvol lump encodes the total ambient and directed light intensity on a regular grid of points, it does not provide information about the light entities (well, except that the light intesity is higher near light emmitters).

It is used in the game to light models because you cannot precompute lightmaps for moving models.

So if you want to use dynamic lighting for everything, you have to parse the light entities in the map.

yesyesyes i jus parsed the entities file a few days ago
which is why i am asking
i want to know how to set up the lights correctly with that data

btw has anyone tried mint10
it friken owns so hard!!!

i just want to learn how to set up a light based on the bsp data i got