Dynamic Lighting? What choice do i have...

Greetings All,

I, like many others, are playing around with a game of my own using OpenGL. Its good fun and ive got pretty far with my outdoor terrain and now that im moving toward character and object code, the need for a dynamic lighting model has arisen. The question i pose to you gfx gurus is such, what lighting method do modern games use? When i say modern i refer to Q3, tribes2, and giants. i have examined Giants and to me they apear to be using gouraud shading and bump mapping. Is Phong or dynamic lightmapping plausible? if so could someone please point me in the direction to explain phong and lightmaps, my research has thus far produced none. Methinks this is a gaurded secret of the game world.

thanks for the help,

p.s. Im not very interested in pixel shaders even thought that is most likly the future of lighting but i would like to grasp these concepts before moving forward. Thanks again.

Does not the nvidia developer page has some stuff abut it ? http://www.nvidia.com/Developer

SGI also covers at least some of it. http://www.sgi.com/software/opengl/courses.html

A lot of information about Quake3 if you have a fast connection can you see videos with Brian Hook. http://www.gamasutra.com/features/index_video.htm

The above is just some suggestions you will find much more about this if you search for it.

Hey, do you know where can I download the B. Hook videos? I have a very slow connection and I really wanted to see them…