Dynamic indexing in arrays ?¿ is it possible?

we are developing some GPU algorithm which involves indexing an array with an index calculated from an uniform and gl_color/vertex information.

Have anybody tried to do something similar ?

Thank you in advance.

i forgot to add some code snippet:

uniform vec2 weight;

int index = gl_Vertex.y * weight[0] + gl_Color.y * weight[1];

float res[4];

res[index] = 1; // “lvalue too complex”
float a = res[index]; //“exception during compilation”

the error messages come after linking, with no problem in compilation time.


float v[4];

v[int(gl_Vertex.x)] = 1.; // “lvalue too complex”

gl_Position.x = v[int(gl_Vertex.x)]; //“exception during compilation”

so strange message after compiling without error…

*Note1: we are using ShaderDesigner 1.5.9 to test -> Generic Compilation does not report any problem.
*Note2: 3dlabs GLSLValidate returns CORRECT!

As far as I am aware current hardware cannot do arbitary indexing, you can only index into uniform arrays.

If your arrays are small you can probably just use a “switch statement” to select.

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