Dynamic clouds?

the etx_fog_coord helped a bit, i didnt make it work lol… Anyway, i must make a simple class that will make dynamic clouds. some cloud layers, moving in the sky… they can be textures i think, but im noit very sure… Any ideas???

i think u change the tex coords of the clouds little by little to make it look like its moving

Yea, that would work. But just imagine, that if we have a very huge landscape, and put a quad patch over it at some height, with a texture, the fps will go all the way down, wont they?

youll be hit with the extra fill rate, which on some cards will cause a slow down…

you dont need to put sky geometry over the map. Do this…

// draw small sky box/dome/cylinder or whatever

your skybox then has only to be big enough to fill the viewing area.